[My Radio Show] Lentils – Lentils – 12/7/2016


Connecting the dots between Neil Young’s Geffen days, to French Italo-Disco, to 90’s timeless hit, to acid folk, to the theme song of a brilliant tv series, about a talking car whom, if built today, wouldn’t have chosen Trump. It’s too smart.
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Show Themes – Knight Rider
The Insider – The Insider Theme
Holger Czukay – Persian Love
Markey Funk – Chapter VIII. That Which Is Behind Me…
Clint Mansell – Welcome to Lunar Industries
Hot Blood – Soul Dracula
Harry Thumann – Sphinx
Advance – Take Me To The Top
Patrizia Pellegrino – Automatic Amore
Brain – D.I.X.O.
Pockets – Come Go With Me
Oppenheimer Analysis – Subterranean Desire
Bryan Ferry – Stone Woman
Yosi Elephant – Last Night
Neil Young – Sample and Hold
Neil Young – Weight of the World
Neil And The Shock – Cry, Cry, Cry
Neil Young – Where Is The Highway Tonight
Fred Neil – Ba-De-Da
Fred Neil – That’s The Bag I’m In
Edna Goren – A Ballad For The Simple Man
Beach Boys- God Only Knows (Isolated Vocals – Acapella)
Currituck County – Silly Woman
Califone – 2 Sisters Drunk on Each Other
Lake Ruth – The Timekeeper’s Lament
Colin Blunstone – Caroline Goodbye
Ringo Starr – I’m The Greatest
The Three Degrees – You’re the Fool
London Beat – You Bring On The Sun

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