[My Radio Show] Lentils – June 14th – Ruby Dear, Can’t You Hear?

Two last albums, Talking Head’s and Japan’s are this week’s show-starters. Then we went through Wyatt and Traffic, space disco by Rockets, incredible love songs by Angels of Lights, Crosby past the sixties, glamorous rock by T. Rex and that third album by Neu! that most people didn’t get to hear for mysterious reasons.

Lentils are good, wars are bad, peace can happen where legumes are legit.


  1. Talking Heads – Ruby Dear
  2. Japan – Still Life In Mobile Homes
  3. Traffic – Paper Sun
  4. Buddy Knox – Devil Woman
  5. Peter Gabriel – Game Without Frontiers
  6. Robert Wyatt – Heaps of Sheeps
  7. Ahmed Malek – La Silence Des Cendres
  8. Rockets – Space Rock
  9. Melba Moore – Mind Up Tonight
  10. Debbie Jacobs – Lovin’ Spree
  11. Fred P – Black Magic
  12. Optn – Tripod
  13. Rollerball – End Of Young Birds
  14. Phantom Band – Islands
  15. Angels Of Light – Untitled Love Song
  16. David Crosby – Trucks in The Dust
  17. Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, and David Freiberg – Flowers Of The Night
  18. Caravan – In the Land of Grey and Pink
  19. Neu! – Hero
  20. Etnix – Ketorne Masalla
  21. Grace Jones – I Need a Man
  22. Sparks – Tryout for the human race
  23. T. Rex – Buick Mackane
  24. Wilco – Spiders

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