OutNow Recordings – A New Label

I’m so proud about this.
Ido Bukelman (guitarist) and Yoni Kretzmer (saxophonist), two friends of mine, offered me to join this new record label they wanted to launch – OutNow Recordings.  I said yes.
The label is all about free jazz and avantgarde, but artistically, we’re trying to stay away from the ‘classic’ free jazz sound and style, and find a new definition for these terms, explore new sounds and find out what the term ‘jazz’ really means these days.

The label starts its way with six new releases, which we’re very proud of. You can download the label sampler if you’d join the label’s mailing list, through the website. It’s still under constructions and everything is fairly new, there’s a lot to be done, but we have some great music to offer meanwhile, so please do check us out. Have fun!