A New Remix For Matt Baldwin’s Brokian Dervish

A new remix I made for Matt Baldwin’s ‘Brokian Dervish’ is now available in a new reissue of his ‘Imaginary Psychology’ album, out on False Industries.
More details and a soundclip inside.

I’ve gotten to know Matt Baldwin thanks to this amazing album Path Of Ignition.
His 2011 album Night In The Triangle was brilliant as well but followed a different path, one of electric guitars in the Ash-Ra Temple style. He then contacted me and said he wants to play in Israel. Happy news!

So he flew to Tel Aviv in March 2012 and had some hectic times in airport security but once he was finally here with his guitar and effect pedals, it was time for some music.
We had a show with Farthest South, and I offered him to play electric guitar in that show, and day after or so, we both played a solo show in Jerusalem. I met one of the nicest musicians, and I’m happy I had the chance to meet him.

My friend and also a proud Farthest South member Yair Etziony who runs the label False Industries, suggested Matt to reissue his CD-R Imaginary Psychology and asked me to choose one track and remix it (other remix is by Maps&Diagrams).
While I had no experience with remixes, I decided to go for Borkian Dervish Thomas de Hartmann & Gi Gurdjieff.
The track was perfect as it is and I really didn’t want to make it to something of mine but rather just add textures of sounds and moods, so my only contribute was some piano and keyboards and an E-bowed electric guitar.

I’m very pleased with the result and will be happy to do it again

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