Both Sides Of Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Rumors are travelling all around the web about Joni Mitchell’s health condition. I pray for her health and crossing my fingers that this gentle soul will stay with us for just a bit more.

Mitchell has played an important role in my development as a musician. She inspired the first songs I’ve written, taught me about open tunings and about the art of crafting a good story.

Of course, most of her albums, at least until the early 80’s are classics. But for me, it’s Hejira that wins my heart. It’s like every album shows a different ‘real Joni’, but this one is Joni’s best. It shows the two sides of Joni – one, is the powerful women who’s ready to take the road, meet new people, hear stories, listen to sounds and taste new food – vagabonding.

The other side of Joni is the vulnerable, 5 year old heart that pumps in the body of grown up. She’s fragile, hesitant, almost living next to life and not in them.
The perfect balance of both sides now.

What is your Joni album and why it’s your favorite?