[My Radio Show] Lentils 24-5

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A new, 2 hours eclectic radio show episode is now live.
In yesterday’s recording of Lentils (on the Resonance Extra radio), I played from folky Wizz Jones, through the upbeat afro-music by Osibisa, to disco by Sylvi Foster and free jazz by Archie Shepp.

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Sylvi Foster – If Are You
L.E.B Harmony — Discorgan
Evans Pyramid – Never Gonna Leave You
lee Hazelwood – I Move Around
MOTION – You And I
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
Equinoxious – Rebel Astronomer
Paul Duncan – Country Witch
Wizz Jones and Werner Lammerhirt – Roll on River
Wizz Jones and Werner Lammerhirt – Autumn Leaves Are Bound
Bert Jansch – The Blacksmith
Shay Tzabari – Lavi Oti
Haim Moshe – Ahavat Chayai
Vis-A-Vis – Obi Agye Me Dofo
Osibisa – Sunshine Day
Young Tiger – Calypso Be
Group Anmattaf (aka Baye) – Tinariwen
The Freak Scene – My Rainbow Life
Roy Wood – Look Thru The Eyes Of A Fool
George Harrison – Brainwashed
Bill Frisell – Tired of Waiting for You
Archie Shepp – Touareg
Glenn Kotche – Fantasy on a Shona Theme
Shula Hen – Tahat Koved Hatapuach
Maatz – Bury Your Head in the Sand
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Transparent Day
Guy Clark – LA Freeway

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