World behind curtains is undoubtedly a very varied and yet coherent album, with guitar music that never gets bored!” (Newfolksounds, Dec 2012)
On ‘Remember’
  • Remember is one of the top albums of 2010, according to Grayson Currain in Pitchforkmedia!
  • Delta Slider Blog really liked my the first volume in the Official Bootleg series!
  • Record Collector wrote about the Remember 7” here
  • Music Emissions – “Yair Yona is a guitarist with soul. While you can hear his heroes loud and clear on “Remember,” you can also explicitly hear his use of them as a starting point for his own ideas. His graceful and gritty tone is one I look forward to hearing in the future.
  • KFJC 89.7 reviewed the album ;  “Israeli gears up for guitar echoes. The album’s title is
    more than a clue, it’s a mission; as Yona summons strings long ago snapped. He’s got finger picking pluck, he’s got boozy slide, he’s got a sense of history”
  • “.…With moans of slide sidling over the picking, his songs begin to work out
    rhythmic landscapes that stretch and tumble just perfectly..
    .”(Raven Sings The Blues, 2009)
  • “…What Yair Yona do is something a little different, while employing the same general idiom, adding to the Americana Russian flairs, Egyptian influences and an abundance if humor along the way...” (Foxy Digitalis, 2009)
  • “…Yona is a more than adequate musician and his compositions are lively, intricate and honest with a bonhomie that is hard to resist. The occasional addition of other instruments keeps the album fresh although the full string ending to the final track feels a little out of place after the rest of the album...” (Wonderful Wooden Reasons, 2009)
  • “...Played with zest and skill, blues and folk afficionados alike will love this unique blend…” (Terrascope, 2009)


Things people said about Remember in other languages I can’t understand and I used Google Translate to try and get it:

Hebrew Reviews

Things I wrote myself about myself (Because I was asked to, really!)