New recording: Khalil Gibran (by Robbie Basho)


Khalil Gibran was a tune of great mystery to me, since I’ve heard Robbie Basho’s masterpiece ‘Zarthus’ ten years ago.
I found it in one of those rare LP rips blogs that flood the web and sadly no longer exists, and it felt, in a way, like bumping into a copy of that record in the $1 bin in a forgotten record store in a forgotten city.
Zarthus is a masterpiece but Khalil Gibran, a simple yet utterly beautiful stood out above the rest of the songs with its lyrics, its sweet melody, the delicate guitar playing and overall a sense of Persia, 1793.

Basket Full Of Dragons II
So when Buck Curran wrote me and asked if I’d like to participate in a Robbie Basho tribute album, I immediately said yes and picked my fav Basho tune.
The result is here, Khalil Gibran in a slightly different approach, featuring electric guitar by Barry Berko and some other instruments and vocals by me.
The entire album is a stunner, with many brilliant musicians paying their respect to the late musician, whom each year is getting more and more recognition and a worldwide realization of his mastery.
Listen and buy the album here

Khalil Gibran:

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