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The Guy Behind The Counter

I’m happy to announce the new/old facebook page ‘The Guy Behind The Counter’.
I’ve decided to close my old music blog Small Town Romance after almost 9 years of activity, and start a new, Facebook only, music recommendation outlet.
The reason for that is that I realized that I’m not really into writing about music, as much as I liked recommending it. So I thought it will be better to focus on what I do better – offer you little candies for your ears.

One of the things I liked the most when I used to work in a record store, was a returning customer’s enlightened eyes when he tells you that that record you sold him changed his life. It’s a sacred job.
I’m no longer sell records but I still love recommending them, this page is all about that. Recreating the record store experience. So come, grab a chair and click play, and hope you’ll like it.

All the posts in www.smalltownromanceblog.com will still be there, but the blog will no longer be updated.

Follow the new page here: https://www.facebook.com/guybehindthecounter/

Thanks, see you at the store!


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