My new band: Water Knives

Water Knives is my new band, which consists of only two – me on bass and master Ofer Bymel on drums.
It all started when Farthest South / Far South paused its activity for a while and since the two of us wanted to continue playing, we’ve started jamming. That’s how you start, right?
It’s like with dogs, you’re sniffing each other’s asses t understand the other better.

The writing process is very interesting. When we jam we have loads of spontaneous ideas coming, which we forget in two seconds. So we are recording two hours worth of jam, where we let our brains loose and keep the ideas coming. I then take the recording to my studio and start to find the interesting parts. I slice them, cut and paste them until I get a coherent image of something that can be called ‘ a track’ which we then finalizing. Since each jam brings new directions and ideas, Water Knives’ music is very versatile.
We are into techno and disco, afrobeat and psych, stoner and soundtracks and more.

My bass is going through a Nano Pog fx box, which splits the signal to two. One signal is an octave higher and it goes through a chain of FX, to a guitar amp, thus creating ‘the guitar’ in the band. The other signal is a dry bass signal that goes to the bass amp.
We’ve recorded six tracks and I roughly mixed one of them and it’s here for your listening pleasure. More updates to come.
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Water Knives Promo pic


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