Always, Remember Love

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Streetart in Tel Aviv

To my friends in Paris, and actually all over the world that this morning seems less safe than ever –

Always remember love. Remember life, they are bigger and stronger then fear. Remember that this is the time to go to shows, consume art, inspire yourself, that’s the answer to terror. Where I live, you can never know when and if it’ll hit you. You kinda learn to live with it, as crazy as it sounds.
The only way to win is to resist terror, and the way to resist terror is to not stop.

Feel the sadness as it’s there, give it the time and space it needs, and remember love as the one thing that can keep you sane. The courage to choose life and love, is your own little victory over terror. You cannot change the world politics and security issue, but you can practice your own heart, that’s a start.
My heart’s with you.

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