World Behind Curtains

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Release Date: February 4, 2012
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A solo acoustic guitar album with a ‘bigger’ arrangement, including strings, electric guitars and horns. You can call it cinematic-folk. Maybe.

“World Behind Curtains is, in many ways, a befitting title for the exquisite second album by Israeli guitarist/composer Yair Yona.
Tel Aviv is a bustling modern metropolis, but for a musician whose medium is compositional steel-string guitar steeped in a hearty influence from underground/experimental rock and jazz, that locale can feel as isolated and shrouded from the rest of the world as can be.
For all of his inherent geographical challenges, Yona has managed to circumnavigate these obstacles by virtue of sheer energy, dedication to his craft, and a spouting fountainhead of creative talent – opening those curtains incrementally wider in the process.”

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Album Review

"Two years ago, reviewing Yair Yona’s first album of Takoma-style finger picking with Middle Eastern elements, Bill Meyer said that he hoped that the young Israeli guitarist would someday “get further past his influences and, like Basho-Junghans, into a sound that is completely his own.” With World Behind Curtains, Yona is still wearing his influences on his sleeve (literally: the sleeve notes reference Bert Jansch, Glenn Jones, Leo Kottke, Robbie Basho and Kelly Joe Phelps), yet he has indeed moved along. His sound on this second album shows a deep affection for, and knowledge of, the American Primitive tradition, yet it is less confined by this tradition — less confined, even, by its instrument. World Without Curtains is, in some ways, like James Blackshaw’s last couple of albums, a document of a skilled guitar player in the process of turning himself into a composer, conductor and arranger." ( Jennifer Kelly, Dusted Magazine)

"Yona is a new kind of player, perhaps best symbolized by the sublime handoff of the melody from a guitar to a piano on the disc-closing "Bella," a conclusion drawn by musical intelligence and logic that operates far beyond the bounds of a fretboard. (Jesse Jarnow, Allmusic Guide)